Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clear-Cast is a Clear-Scam

You might be seeing these ads running in your local paper. For $50.00 they will give you what you can get for free if you attach rabbit ears to your modern television. If you have an older tv you can simply get one of those fancy digital converter boxes the government was giving away for free a few years ago on eBay. For way less than this.


Here is a great read on Clear Cast from Stop The Cap

Also check out this video

Here is a letter from the Better Business Bureau

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 15, 2012 Contact: Amanda Tietze 330-455-8202

Clear-Cast HDTV Antenna’s Advertising not so Clear… Earning the company an “F Rating” with the BBB

Canton, Ohio – May 15, 2012 - The Better Business Bureau has received hundreds of calls from consumers nationwide inquiring about the Clear-Cast HDTV Antenna. The product is manufactured by Brilliant Built Technologies, a subsidiary of Universal Media Syndicate, Inc., located in Canton, Ohio. The company is running large advertorial ads that appear in newspapers across the U.S. and mailing to residents nationwide offering to eliminate cable and satellite costs completely using the Clear-Cast HDTV Antennae.
The ads and mailings claim the Clear-Cast HDTV Antenna “pulls in Free over- the- air broadcast signals that the cable and satellite companies get and then re-transmit to you for a hefty charge every month…there’s never a monthly bill, you get all the free channels with Clear-Cast and you won’t pay for hundreds of channels you never really watch.”
Recent consumer calls and complaints to the BBB express confusion with the company's advertisement. Consumers have informed the BBB that they are under the impression that they will receive 953 channels as opposed to 953 shows as the ad claims. Consumers should be aware they could receive up to 53 channels depending on the area they live, and that 953 is the possible number of shows available.
In November, 2011 the BBB contacted the company regarding their advertising and conducted a challenge of several claims that appear in the ad. The BBB Ad Review Committee conducted a secondary advertising challenge on Clear-Cast HDTV Digital Antenna and determined that all matters of compliance were not resolved.  The BBB’s concerns included the use of the word "free", the company's claims of advanced technology and the company's comparison to cable or satellite. The BBB also voiced additional concerns that referenced the company's implied government affiliation and overall impression of the ad.  The BBB feels these types of misleading advertising is purposeful and do not feel the company is in compliance with BBB Code of Advertising and are serious enough in nature for the company to receive an” F” rating with the BBB, the lowest rating possible.
The company met with the BBB in January and April to discuss additional changes and/or provide substantiation regarding the Clear-Cast Digital HDTV. The company provided the BBB with Clear-Cast Digital HDTVs antennas to be tested by BBB staff. The BBB found that the product does provide some channels without cable or satellite connections. However; after testing the product the BBB found it did not perform as it is claimed in the ad.  Additionally, BBB inquiries indicate that because the headline claims that consumers can eliminate cable or satellite bills, consumers are under the impression they will receive the same type of channeling as with their current provider, which the BBB found is not the case. Consumers continue to contact the BBB and state they are also confused as to what they are actually getting. The BBB’s research found that 90 % of callers, surveyed are under the impression that they will receive 953 "channels", when in fact the statement says "953 Free shows each year"
When considering using TV antenna’s versus cable or satellite TV the BBB recommends the following: Location is everything. If you live in a valley or rural area, you will have fewer channels available to you than others who live within a 40 mile radius of a TV station.
You will not receive all the same channels and programming as your cable or satellite TV packages. Different types of antennae’s provide different results; you can view all your options through the FCC’s website at
Make sure you are aware of return and exchange policies before making a purchase. Do not fall victim to sense of urgency claims. Make sure you research any product before buying. Contact the BBB to check out any business before purchasing a product or service at
# # # *Information in this release can change at any time. Please be sure to review this company’s business review at before publishing information. About BBB BBB is an unbiased non-profit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Businesses that earn BBB accreditation contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. BBB provides objective advice, free business BBB Reliability ReportsTM and charity BBB Wise Giving ReportsTM, and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust. To further promote trust, BBB also offers complaint and dispute resolution support for consumers and businesses when there is difference in viewpoints. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 125 BBBs serve communities across the U.S. and Canada, evaluating and monitoring more than four million local and national businesses and charities. Please visit for more information about BBB.

I am all for Free tv people but I am not for company's trying to rip off people and using ads trying to make people feel they have to get a over priced cheap antenna that you can get anywhere.

Here is a link from the

This link will direct you to the FCC GOV site, in here simply enter your zip code in the top left. You will then get the signal strength of all the stations in your area. This information will help you decide what antenna will be good for you.


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FCC link doesn't exist